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muni arsonists. >> november starting out on the wet side. the showers continuing to fall in the bay area. when will it let up? we'll talk about that coming up. >> the roads are slick this morning. we do have some flooding reports out there especially on 101 through hospital curve stacking up as well at the bay bridge. we'll have more on the morning commute coming up. >> good morning. it is the first day of november on a thursday, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. keeping an eye on the storm this morning, the rain playing a trick on halloween. falling heavy in some areas and holding off just long enough in others. but this is what it look like last night in millbrae. >> as fate would have it that's contactually where lawrence karnow took his little girl last night to trick or treat and she got wet. >> i like to be in the eye of the storm, guys. >> you weatherman, you. >> i went to the right spot. >> poor jessica. >> i felt bad for the kids getting soaked out there in their costumes. it worked out okay in the south bay not so much rain, but now light rain there now. out the door slick surfaces so
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be very careful this morning. take you in for a closer look at our high-def doppler radar. you can see light showers in towards san jose. campbell you're seeing some showers in that direction as well, dragging up from the santa cruz mountains. and also parts of the east bay. as we head throughout the morning we'll watch this breaking up and the rain will end. still some lingering clouds behind this cold front so slow clearing but as we get into the latter part of the day a little more sunshine and then things drying off nicely. a good warning trend setting up. mostly cloudy skies if you are headed out the door. of the temperatures fairly mild this morning in the 50s and 60s. but we could see some 80s coming up in the next few days. we'll talk about that and the rest of the weather. right now, let's check the slick roads with elizabeth. >> that's right. all right, let's go outside. we'll show you what it looks like on the san mateo bridge. both directions look good westbound and eastbound 92 still 14 minutes. no delay there. to the maps, through livermore more this is our problem spot. look at that. our line of red traffic sensors meaning speeds below 25 miles an hour.
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unfortunately it's growing even though this accident has been out of lanes for a while. so obviously it is looky-loos checking out that accident. we heard earlier it was involving up to six cars. there may still be some activity on the shoulder. your grave time is more than a half hour -- your drive time is more than a half hour between there and the dublin interchange. bart on time after a record ridership day yesterday. everything is back to normal schedule this morning including for bart, ace, muni, caltrain and ferries. so your drive times, south bay drive times still in the clear on 101,280 and the guadalupe parkway. coming up we'll get another check of the bay bridge. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> thank you. two kids hit by a car while out trick or treating with their parents last night and bad weather may have been a factor in the accident on north dutton avenue on west 8th street in santa rosa about 7:30 last night. candy was all over the intersection. police tell us that ten-year- old boy and 4-year-old girl were in the crosswalk with their parents. the parents saw the car coming in the rain.
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they tried to get kids out of the way but apparently obviously too late. the kids are in the hospital with nonlife-threatening life- threatening injuries. the driver by the way stopped and is cooperating with the police. two men under arrest for the shootings of four people at the university of southern california. campus police say two men were arguing at about 11:30 last night when one pulled a gun and opened fire. one man was critically wounded three bystanders were also wounded with nonlife- threatening injuries. none of the people involved was usc students. not far from there, three people were injured in hollywood when shots were fired into a halloween crowd. los angeles police say three people were taken to hospitals one of them a 17-year-old who is critically injured with gunshot wounds to the chest and leg. at least three men were taken into custody. investigators are looking into the death of a man who was shot at an oakland cell phone store last night at the metro pcs store on international boulevard. investigators believe it was
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connected to a robbery attempt. but they are not releasing any more information. san francisco police hope some new video will lead them to a guy behind a bus burning a few nights ago. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec with how social media led them to another vandalism suspectly. suspect and police hope to catch two more. >> reporter: you know with the invention of the cell phone everything is an amateur videographer these days and now police are hoping that the product of that the cell phone video people take will turn the masses into amateur detectives. check out this cell phone video police just released showing an event that happened early monday morning around 12:30 a.m. after the giants won the world series on sunday night. it's in slow motion. you can see guys throwing something burning into the muni bus. windshield is already smashed. this again was taken at 12:30
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on monday morning at market and third streets. police say they have already arrested this guy after this picture was taken by the "san francisco chronicle" then widely circulated on social media sites. >> you make the front page of the paper, your goose is cooked. >> reporter: here is that suspect mugshot 22-year-old gregory tyler graniss of san francisco now facing felony charges of vandalism and injuring or destroying a passenger transit vehicle. all fun and games until you get caught. he also might end up paying restitution for the damage if he does end up convicted of these charges. if you want to take another look at that video, you might know some of these people, go to our website, live in san francisco, cbs 5, anne makovec. what a great time in san francisco for the giants and, of course, their fans. more than a million people jammed the streets for a parade of champions.
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>> they were pumped up. frank and i were out there at city hall with all of the fans. some of them had camped out since 8:00 the night before. very dedicated fans out there. the city honored the world series champions san francisco giants with a parade and rally at city hall. >> when we struggle during the year i always saw the 42,000 fans every day on the field. but i want to salute you guys. you always believed in us. >> we are so fortunate to have these fans. they're the best. >> reporter: the hardware was on hand in the hands of manager bruce beach chicago he carried the world series trophy throughout the parade and rally. his car ran out of gas. go to the city hall, though. all the people at the parade had to get there somehow. bart had the second highest day of ridership on record
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yesterday. at least 475,000 people rode bart compared to 300,000 on an average day. final numbers are expected to come out today. we posted lots more video of the parade, the crowd and all things giants. just check out our website, >> that's bochy's car right there. believe it or not, the fans came out from the parade and pushed it the last quarter mile or so. >> a rolls royce with no gas. >> go figure. you have to fill that baby up. 6:07. the east coast slowly recovering from super storm sandy. this morning, some subways are rolling. all three major airports are open. power problems still kills. the number of deaths blamed on sandy has now passed 70. ines ferre with more on the storm from lower manhattan.
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>> reporter: i'm standing on fdr drive. it's still flooded. this is just one of the areas that was flooded by the storm but down on the jersey shore, the devastation is even worse. reporter: president obama visited new jersey to see firsthand the damage from super storm sandy. >> good job. >> reporter: the president and governor chris christie flew in marine one to see the devastation from above. what they saw were homes destroyed and streets still under water. president obama promised the government will do whatever it can to help storm victims. >> we will follow up to make sure that you get all the help that you need until you rebuild. >> reporter: not far away, the search for trapped or missing people on staten island continues. nypd rescued six people from rooftops on wednesday. there are signs that life is returning to normal in new york city. all three airports are open as of today, as is the new york stock exchange and broadway shows. but problems still persist. traffic in the city is nothing short of a nightmare. without public transportation wednesday, manhattan streets were clogged with people trying
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to get back to work. subway and train service is starting up today on a limited basis and governor andrew cuomo has suspended fees through friday. >> i am declaring a transportation emergency. >> reporter: mayor bloomberg is mandating that all cars driving into manhattan have to at least have three people. >> i know it is inconvenience for a lot of people. but the bottom line is, the streets can only handle so much. >> reporter: officials estimate half of all gas stations in the area are closed. the result, long lines. >> hundreds of cars here trying to get some gas. >> reporter: industry analysts say it could take another week to get all the gas stations back up and running. >> reporter: and officials say manhattan could get its power back as early as tomorrow or saturday. for the rest of the city, it could be about a week. and just to underscore the importance of power here, one of the flagship hospitals in manhattan had to be evacuated last night.
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hundreds of patients had to be taken out of there because their backup power failed. >> show important. i understand a mother in staten island was actually in an suv, the water came up, took her two young boys away in the water. any update on the search for those two boys from staten island? >> reporter: the latest information that we have right now is that they are still searching for those little boys. staten island is one of the boroughs in new york city and it's a low-lying area and it was one of the evacuation zones. and all the destruction over there, well, so many people wished they had evacuated. they didn't think it would be this bad. >> got to feel for that mother. ines ferre live in new york, thank you so much. it's back to campaigning today for president obama. he arrived back at the white house last night after a tour of storm ravaged new jersey. he is scheduled to attend rallies today. yesterday vice president joe
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biden and former president clinton campaigned for him of the -- for him. >> i'm for president obama because he's got a better economic plan, a better budget, a better healthcare plan. >> i actually have a plan for getting america back and for strengthening our foundation and my plan creates some 12 million jobs. >> like mr. obama, republican challenger mitt romney will have a full slate of campaign events today. yesterday he was in florida, today he will stump for votes in virginia. >> they are back to work. 6:11. thousands of nurses getting ready to walk off the job. >> the impact of several bay area hospitals and how staff plan to keep up patient care. >> get your dancing shoes on. putting rhythm in p.e. bay area students learn to become swinging sensations. cbs 5's "cool school" of the week is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. this strike... set to begint seven a-m... will involve 32-hundred nurses and severl nurses are about to walk off the job at several bay area hospitals at 7 a.m. it will involve 3200 nurses and hundreds of respiratory, x-ray and other technicians. it will affect several bay area sutter healthcare hospital. some experts say these nurses are in a powerful position because of an industry that's growing in a bad economy. >> unlike certain other areas it's not going to be outsourced to other countries. the hospital needs to be in that geographic location. so i think all of those give theworkers and the union a greater ability to negotiate and to organize than we're seeing in other industries. >> these nurses have been in
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contract negotiations for the past 18 months. the series of strikes has forced sutter to hire temporary staff on five-day contracts. >> we have breaking news. >> it's raining! >> that's breaking news. causing trouble on the roads. liz has the latest on that. >> it is breaking news. we have brake lights busy in cash and fastrak lanes so it didn't take long for had camera to stack up. the metering lights were turned on a few minutes ago and we have delays beyond the first overcrossing. it looks like it's going to be a busy morning already at the bay bridge heading into san francisco. similar story across the golden gate bridge. you can see some wet pavement as well heading into san francisco but no longer any rain. so looks like we are drying out a little bit. but again we have seen a couple of spinouts and accidents and flooding reports earlier as well through hospital curve just in the usual spots. westbound 580 approaching livermore avenue this is where
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we're watching a crash still out of lanes quickly cleared out of lanes involving six cars so that's why we're seeing that really bottleneck there. a lot of heavy traffic as you make your way through livermore toward vasco road. this is the drive time. 29 minutes now between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. so on wet days like this you may want to consider mass transit systemwide on time tore bart, ace, muni, caltrain and ferries. -- for bart, ace, muni, caltrain and your ferries, all looking good. we'll get a quick check of the silicon valley commute westbound 237. looks good, brake light-free as you leave milpitas towards san jose. that's a check of traffic. lawrence, where are the 80s you're talking about? >> not yet. couldn't stop trick or treaters even with the rain in san francisco, a lot of folks brought umbrella and jackets still enjoying a nice evening outside. enjoying it even though it rained. the rain dragging into the rest of the bay area now into the
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south bay where they stayed dry last night. more showers continuing there especially down into the san jose area so a slick start to the morning early on. you can see down 101 it is very wet all the way down toward morgan hill and gilroy. it begins to pull out of town and skies part a little bit so with that in mind, not going to be a washout for today. by the afternoon, we'll notice some clearing outside and drier weather ahead maybe some 80s as we get into the latter part of weekend. this cold front working through another impressive one off the coastline but high pressure going to build in in time to move up from the pacific northwest so we'll stay dry maybe a couple of passing clouds this morning. it's a wet start to the day. by the afternoon we dry out nicely and the temperatures going to start to warm up. numbers in the afternoon should be mild off the coast. 60s and 70s inland with partly cloudy skies. you see those clouds beginning to break up even further into the afternoon and maybe a
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renegade shower. and then things taper off. things settling down. 84 houston, 73 denver, 52 chicago and new york. temperatures around the bay area 60s a couple of low 70s. next couple of days we begin to dry out. offshore winds could kick in this weekend. that could bring temperatures up to the 80s inland, lots of 70s around the bay, even well into the 60s out at the coastline, guys. that's the latest. back to you. >> lawrence, quick question. >> yes. >> way back when were you in school, did you like gym? >> loved it! absolutely. >> i didn't like it that much. >> really? >> no. >> that doesn't surprise me. >> it wasn't too much fun. [ laughter ] >> well, for many -- [ laughter ] -- >> that segues into our next story. for many of us, p.e. classes back in junior high and high school, they weren't too much fun. for some it was a drag unless you go to the thomas hart middle school in pleasanton because there, they add a little rhythm to the classes a tradition that has kids loving p.e. and that's why they are this
6:20 am
week's "cool school." >> reporter: 300 students at stomach hart middle school school where are getting a crash course in swing. >> i'm sarah and i'm an 8th grader. >> i'm an 8th grader. >> i'm laura and i'm an 8th grader. >> i'm an 8th grader atoms hart middle school. at 13 thomas hart middle school. >> reporter: just two of the 175 couples of 7th and 8th graders dancing in their p.e. class. over three weeks the group is down to the top dance. it's been a school tradition for a dozen years. it's a workout and a self- esteem booster. it's a win-win. >> it's really fun. i love it. >> it's incredible how skilled these kids become and it becomes very graceful. you're going to see it. it's phenomenal. >> it's super fun. it's so exciting and it's like an adrenaline rush. >> reporter: and it's got a language all its own like the airplane, the cuddle --how about the dish rag? what's the dish rag? >> you want to see it now?
6:21 am
>> reporter: it's a big hit with the parents too. hundreds watch the competition and there's an added bonus for the kids, too. kind of a nice ice breaker to meet some of the girls, huh? >> oh, yeah, totally. >> yeah, i guess. [ laughter ] >> reporter: you like that part? [ laughter ] >> reporter: and better yet no stereotypes here. everyone dances. >> we have always had that one leader kid or athletic kid that wants to be in it so the other kids say it must be okay to do that. >> reporter: that's why the thomas hart middle school is this week's cool-school! >> they are so good. >> best line in the piece? "totally." [ laughter ] >> i like it. the kids love it. both coaches, by the way, dan and tim, have learned quite a bit about dancing, as well. apparently they are big hits at weddings with their wives. they can cut the rug. >> did you learn a few moves? >> i did. the dish rag i still need to work on. by the way, the winners were
6:22 am
crowned last friday. now what they get? they are first in line at the cafeteria. >> that's a good prize. >> what about your "cool school"? submit your nomination at our website, and we'll come out and feature school on our show. we might do a little dancing, too. 6:22. the warriors tipping off a new era of optimism. >> ready to catch the wave for the mavericks? the window is about to open. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, the best surfers in the world are ready for the wave invitational in half moon bay. next friday is the start of mavericks open season on the heels of the new chasing mavericks movie starring gerard butler. last year was canceled because of lack of waves. the season runs through march 31. the golden state warriors hung on to win their season opener in phoenix last night. guard stephen curry signed a contract extension before the game. some 40-plus million bucks. curry only had a couple of buckets but one put the warriors up for good. carl landry came off the bench with a big game to lead the warriors with 17. they beat the suns 1-0, 87-85.
6:27 am
they open tomorrow night at memphis. the world of basketball, horns and darius miller going to make a nice steal give it up to vazquez. alley-oop, al-farouq aminu! with the one-handed jam. despite that of the hornets lost at home to san antonio, 99- 95. but they did get play of the day. >> nice. >> very big. 6:27. sputtering back to life after sandy. the road to recovery begins for the east coast. >> plus, do you recognize these men? the social media search for more giants fan vandals. >> people are lined up because one organization is offering homeowners different solutions to save their homes. we'll tell you who they are and what types of solutions they are offering when we return. >> and storm clouds continuing to move through the bay area this morning bringing more rain. when we'll dry things out coming up. ,,
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we don't call this our company, we call this our mission. green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new. chase allows us to buy capital equipment to be able to manufacture in the states to the scale we need to be a global company. with a little luck green toys
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could be the next great american brand. find what's next for your business
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we will follow up to make sure that you get all the help that you need until you rebuild. >> the east coast struggles to bounces back from hurricane sandy. >> i cannot thank the president enough for his personal concern and compassion for our state. >> from gridlock in manhattan -- >> i'm declaring a transportation emergency. >> --to ravaged neighborhoods in new jersey. >> they say it could be friday
6:31 am
before residents can get a firsthand look at their properties. >> more than a million people jammed san francisco to welcome home the world champion giants. >> it's great for me to be able to contribute and be part of something so special. >> we're so fortunate to have these fans, they're the best. >> something that we'll never forget. >> a ton and a half of confetti was raining down and i saw marco scutaro... [ laughter ] >> doing that. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning." >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning. it's thursday, november 1. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. 6:31 is your time. a rainy halloween last night and you may still need an umbrella this morning. this is from san jose this morning where drives are dealing with slick roads.
6:32 am
>> where is it raining now? let's ask lawrence. you seem to know. >> yeah. >> you know all the answers. >> i hope so. >> high-def doppler radar is tracking that very well now. it's sagging further south this morning but i think we'll dry out more toward the north bay. showers mainly lighter stuff in san jose and over the santa cruz mountains some moderate amounts of rainfall pushing in there. that's going to start to taper off toward the latter part of the morning and by the afternoon, i think we'll see a part in the clouds. a weak wave on the back side so may take longer to clear out but we'll sneak sunshine in toward the afternoon. temperatures fairly mild with mostly cloudy skies and the showers outside right now in the 50s and 60s. but you know what? we are looking at the possibility of some 80s returning. we have the weekend coming up. we'll have more on that in a moment. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> toward the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a stall on the
6:33 am
incline so that's not helping matters behind the pay gates. it's stack up towards the 880 overcrossing, 15 minutes to get on the bay bridge. to our maps, we have been dealing with slower speeds. this looks okay through the nimitz or the oakland coliseum. southbound 880 okay past the oakland airport. westbound 80 through livermore valley an earlier accident approaching livermore avenue so a lot of brake lights across that stretch. drive time out of altamont pass heavy as well as that westbound highway 4 ride through antioch. you can see some of the speed sensors below 25 miles per hour. mass transit though great option so far everything still reporting no delays. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. santa rosa police are trying to determine if rain may have played a factor in an accident that injured two young trick or treaters last night. it happened around 7:30 at north dutton avenue and west 8th streets. you can see the rain was coming down. police say a 10-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl were in a crosswalk slightly ahead of
6:34 am
their parents when they were hit by a northbound car. the driver cooperated. the police say the kids' injuries don't appear to be life-threatening. 4 people shot outside a halloween party on the usc campus last night. this morning, two men are in custody. police say it started with a fight when one man pulled out a gun and opened fire. four people were hit including three bystanders not involved in the fight. none of the people involved were students by the way. the gunman and a second suspect were caught several miles away. vandalism suspects beware. police have cameras on the streets thanks to smartphones. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is with the next viral video of a burning bus in san francisco. >> reporter: next time if you are thinking of engaging in hooligan itchism, you don't have to worry about the police, it's the guy holding a sell phone. cell phone video just released by police.
6:35 am
now, this is cell phone video with pictures of the two arson suspects. police hope someone recognizes these two and turns them in. marked and 3rd street slow motion cell phone video. it's the bayshore express. the drive and eight passengers had just gotten off the bus before it began. police have isolated pictures of two arson suspects from this video and they are hoping someone recognizes them and turns them in. >> we will identify you, arrest you, prosecute you and you're going to pay for it. so don't go there. >> this vandalism suspect was identified this week as 22-year- old gregory tyler graniss. his picture was circulated on social media sites. it was shared 18,000 times. and this is his mugshot. he is facing felony charges of vandalism and injuring or destroying a passenger transit vehicle.
6:36 am
if convicted he could end up paying restitution as could the arsonist. we have more on live in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. wide a lot of fun with the crowds showing their love for the giants in san francisco yesterday. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is how we get pumped up. [ chanting ] the giants were pumped. more than a million people jamming the streets for a parade of champions that went up market street and a big rally outside city hall. >> congratulations, san francisco we couldn't have done it without you guys. >> there's one thing that hasn't been talked about enough and it was sacrifice. >> the giants were eager to thank their fans for their support. the team received a broom from the city as a symbol of course of their world series sweep of the tigers. so much fun out there.
6:37 am
there were hundreds of people who almost missed the parade though even though they had prime locations on market street. they were east of where the parade started heading west when officials realized that, the players made u-turns so everybody would have a chance to see their heroes. we posted lots more video of the parade, the crowd and all things giants memorabilia on our website, the east coast is slowly recovering from super storm sandy. this morning, some new york city subways believe it or not are rolling once again. also today, laguardia airport has reopened. but power problems persist with more than 5 million still without electricity. the number of deaths blamed on sandy has now passed 70. president obama toured some of the devastated areas of new jersey with governor chris christie. >> we are here for you. we will not forget. >> we will follow up to make sure that you get all the help
6:38 am
that you need until you rebuild. >> the president and the governor took a helicopter tour of the new jersey coast and they saw where a record storm surge took out the boardwalk in atlantic city and a roller coaster on the beach at seaside heights. amazing video. new york city is in a transportation emergency in the wake of sandy. these are live pictures coming in from the long lines of commuters. look at that. that's a long line there. governor cuomo ordered fares for all trains, subways and buses to be waved today and tomorrow as a way to encourage people to take mass transit. there are long lines at gas stations because many are still closed due to power outages or empty tanks. >> i bet 60 or 70% use mass transit to get to work. tough today. bart may have a solution to that nagging problem plaguing escalators at train stations. they often break down because
6:39 am
the machinery is exposed to the weather in the city and urine from homeless. the san fernando examiner says bart is now developing a canope to protect the equipment and hopefully keep people away during the off hours. right now people are lined up in the rain in downtown san jose. they are hoping to save their homes from foreclosure. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran joins us from mcenery convention center. good morning, cate. >> reporter: good morning. now, one person in line told me that he had been here since 5:00 last night. you can see there is a small line here just for the event that's put on by the neighborhood assistance corporation of america. this is part of american dreams program to be held at southall san jose convention center. there will be hundreds of counselorser a bank representative from major lenders assisting with on site home loans and modifications. all of these services are free. the idea is to help reduce mortgage payments and homeowners say this is much-
6:40 am
needed especially in today's tough times. >> we have been using alot of our savings and retirement to try to pay the mortgage. >> try to pay as much as possible but i don't know as to when i can do it no. >> we are setting up over here. >> okay. >> reporter: now, in addition to that, they are going to help those who lost their homes in foreclosure called independent foreclosure review. the idea is that this group will work with federal regulators to help find solutions for homeowners whose lenders were part of illegal foreclosures. in the process, some of these homeowners could get their homes back or they could get the government to pay them or force the lenders to pay them about $125,000. so that is good news if you are in this type of situation. if this is something you're interested in attending again it will be at the south hall of the san jose convention center all week starting at 8 a.m. organizers recommend people come early as these people have
6:41 am
done behind me. live in san jose, cate caugiran, cbs 5. 6:40. a near fatal attack. how a california surfer escaped the jaws of a shark. >> plus this is no way to cross the border. the illegal crossing into arizona that turned into an epic failure. >> didn't work. >> the market opened up about 10 minutes ago. it's day 2 since hurricane sandy. right now, things are looking pretty good. coming up, we'll update the numbers and we'll check business with jason brooks. stay with us.
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illegally cross into the u-s from mexico was not a great success.. this one hap take a look at this. the u.s. border patrol says this attempt to illegally cross into the u.s. from mexico was
6:45 am
not a great success. this one happened in yuma, arizona. the agency says two men inside the car ran back to mexico after the jeep got stuck at the top of the 14-foot fence. >> what did lawrence say? he thought it was an ad for jeep. >> did make it halfway up. conspicuous, though. it's a tale of two cities and both in new york. specifically, the island of manhattan. the view from brooklyn here will show lower manhattan still in the dark because of sandy. but uptown the lights as you can see are on. that part of the city is getting back to normal including subway service this morning. so new york slowly recovering. >> it's 6:45 right now. let's get another check on the weather. you guys were trick or treating in the rain last night? >> out in the rain with a lot of other trick or treaters out there with the umbrellas out. looks like the rain is sliding further south this morning breaking up a little bit. high-def doppler radar picking up on the showers toward san jose and into the santa cruz mountains we are seeing moderate amounts of rainfall. the rain sliding further south
6:46 am
now on 101. so toward gilroy and morgan hill, be careful. it's going to be slick early on. skies parting a bit by the afternoon. we'll see a little bit of sunshine this afternoon with clearing, still a slight chance of a wandering shower but much drier much warmer weather is on the way and for the weekend we're look really nice. this cold front moves through right now. you have one behind it here. looks impressive but not going to get here. high pressure going to sneak in. this afternoon we dry out. computer models showing the cold front here breaking up as it moves south. behind that by the middle of the day partly cloudy skies, and then the afternoon maybe a pop-up shower mainly over the mountains and that's it and then we dry out and the temperatures the next couple of days looking nice. all right. for today we have some delays though at sfo of over an hour. a chance of showers in the afternoon. traveling around the country not too bad. 80s houston, partly cloudy denver, 52 in chicago and new york. temperatures around the bay area today in the 60s maybe
6:47 am
some low 70s well inland and then over the next couple of days, high pressure builds in offshore winds on sunday could send the temperatures up to 70s and 80s in many parts of the bay area and continuing into next week. elizabeth? >> thanks, lawrence. we are still dealing with slick roads out the door this morning. you can see the headlights and taillights around the dublin interchange. so far it is getting busier. but overall, the drive time is stacking up because of an earlier crash in livermore. so the real stop and go traffic is from 205 out of tracecy all the way past north livermore avenue where that earlier crash was. you can see it on our live traffic sensors. 16 miles per hour. so very heavy speeds -- very slow speeds through there. then things improve for the dublin interchange. a few brake lights now if you are leaving milpitas for the silicon valley commute. westbound 237 a little bit stop and go towards san jose. we're also getting flooding
6:48 am
reports still on northbound 101 approaching paul as you make your way towards hospital curve. earlier one lane was blocked because this is standing water in the roadway. a little difficult to see this camera now but just south of there everything is moving okay past candlestick down towards sfo on 101. 280 looks good, as well. coming up, we'll get a check of mass transit and the bay bridge. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> thank you. new jobless claims are down a bit. here now to chat about it is jason brooks with kcbs and on a thursday. jason, good morning. >> reporter: a barrage of economic reports out this morning. leading the way weekly jobless claims falling by 9,000 this past week to 363,000. we saw the four-week average dip a bit to 367,000. these numbers really suggest a flat hiring market. tomorrow, we get the all- important october jobs report from the labor department. and economists are expecting a net gain of 124,000 jobs last
6:49 am
month with the unemployment rate going up to 7.9%. a automakers, retailers, reporting their october sales figures today. and san francisco-based gap showed a strong turnaround in the third quarter compared to a year early posting a positive gain in sales compared to a drop last year. it also said that october was much stronger than in october of last year. got shares down about 1.5% this morning but they have been revived over the past year doubling in that amount of time. netflix is in the spotlight after noted corporate raider carl icahn revealed that it took a 10% stake in the company calling netflix shared undervalued. this will lead many to wonder, what does this mean for the future of netflix? icahn will likely want to push for a merger with a larger company like amazon on microsoft. he has led other unsuccessful raids in the recent pass in the bay area last year with clorox and four years ago unable to get yahoo to sell to microsoft for $45 billion at the time.
6:50 am
market off to a strong start this morning. let's look at the numbers. dow up by 91 points after dropping 10 yesterday. nasdaq gaining 16, s&p is up by 6 points. netflix shares are down by 3% but they jumped 14% higher yesterday on the word of icahn's investment. back to you guys. >> that's a net of what, 10, 11%. >> reporter: they will take it. but a lot of uncertainty in los gatos. >> okay. jason brooks with kcbs and, thank you. a dog recovering from a gunshot wound the victim of an armed robbery in oakland. david and his girlfriend were walking with his dog named coffee when two armed men demanding his wallet and cell phone tuesday night. as the thieves began to take off, the dog followed them and one of them retaliated. >> so he took out his gun and he aimed at my dog's head and took a shot at my dog. he went right down and started
6:51 am
screaming. >> coffee was lucky. the bullet went in from the eye to the jaw line. the injure should heal in eight weeks but the dog may be blinded in the left eye. a california surfer who survived a shark attack is talking about it. scott stevens is recovering after surgery to close the 14" bite wound. the shark attacked him tuesday in humboldt bay. this is what his board looked like after the attack. he is a lucky man. he says the animal grabbed him, pulled him under the water and shook him around and he decided to fight back. >> opened my eyes under water and punched the shark in the side of the head a couple of times until it released me. >> believe it or not he said he won't let this close call stop him from surfing. the only thing keeping him out of the water now is a new surfboard and a new wet suit. he is a surfer for life. >> he is. very lucky. in health news looking good comes with a price. a new study shows packing on
6:52 am
your makeup may have health consequences. researchers found heavy makeup may triggermen no pause earlier -- trigger menopause earlier due to phthalates found in makeup and household cleaners. it's worrisome for women hoping to get pregnant. >> so many of our women today are waiting until later to have babies. so those two years may be crucial to you. so you don't want your ovaries to hang it up and retire early. >> researchers recommend using organic or natural makeup free of phthalates or go au natural. right? >> i just heard someone knock. sorry. less than a week away from the election. >> we are. and for one 4-year-old girl, you know, and for all of us, it can't come soon enough. [ little girl sobbing ] >> i'm tired, i'm tired of barack obama and mitt romney. >> that's why you're crying?
6:53 am
oh. it will be over soon, abby. okay? the election will be over soon, okay? [ sobbing ] >> okay. >> oh.... >> we feel her pain. abby lives in the battleground state of colorado and it was posted on youtube. it's cute. >> no kidding. >> every time you see the ads don't you want to cry sometimes? >> sometimes. [ laughter ] >> maybe a little bit. >> it is 6:53 now. after the break we'll take a final check of your top stories. >> including relief for local homeowners, the help they are getting paying their mortgages and how you can help too. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
about five million homes and businesses still don' well, this morning, sandy is blamed for at least 74 deaths in 10 states. about 5 million homes and businesses still don't have power. in new jersey, there are tens
6:57 am
of thousands still stranded in their homes. in new york, some subways started running again this morning. san francisco police are thanking social media for leading them to a suspect who smashed a muni bus window and now officers are turning to the public to find the people behind this bus burning from sunday night. cell phone video showing them tossing a burning item into the window of the bus. and some live pictures right now, people are lined up in downtown san jose to get advice on home mortgages they can no longer afford. the american dream tour will be at mcenery convention center south hall every day through monday. >> 6:57. get you out the door with traffic and weather. we have rain, right. >> yeah. we have showers out there right now. looks like it's beginning to taper off a bit across the bay area but focus in the south bay santa cruz mountains seeing rainfall into san jose and south. that will continue to move out and by the afternoon we are going to see sunshine, plan on 60s and 70s. but i'll tell you what, these next couple of days we are
6:58 am
going to see high pressure building in. this weekend back into the 90s. how about that, elizabeth. >> it always rains on halloween night and then yeah gets nice again, huh? all right. let's go out live towards the bay bridge toll plaza. and so far, so good. backed up all the way to the macarthur maze. typical ride here though. we had an earlier stall that clearly -- they quickly cleared that out of lanes so right now it's just kind of a bottleneck right behind those pay gates. also, seeing some brake lights now through milpitas westbound 237. obviously stop and go. you will see that drive time in the yellow now out towards san jose. >> did you say 90s? >> i said 80s. [ laughter ] >> i heard 90s. >> i meant 80s. >> we'll let you slide this time around. >> thanks for watching, everyone. remember, your next local update is at 7:25. [ laughter ] >> we are going to leave you with the melodic tones of one 86-year-old tony bennett from yesterday's parade. have a great day, everybody. ♪ golden sun will shine on me ♪ captions by: caption colorado
6:59 am
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